Sleeping cabin application at Istanbul airport

For passengers waiting for their flight at Istanbul airport, a model of sleep capsule called IgA Sleepod has been commissioned. Passengers waiting for the departure time of their aircraft will be able to rent these capsules hourly and spend that time resting.

On 6 April 2019, Istanbul airport, which has a significant place in the global aviation industry, launched a new application for the thousands of passengers it welcomes every day. In this context, airport operator IGA has implemented a model of sleep capsule called IgA Sleepod on the passenger floor of the international terminal to increase passenger comfort. With the application of the sleeping capsule, which is widely used in the Far East and spread around the world, individuals can meet their needs such as rest and sleep at more affordable rates without the need for large hotel rooms.

9 euro per hour of sleeping capsule

The sleeping capsules will be rented by passengers for € 9 an hour. Each passenger will be given single-use sheets free of charge, as hygiene is also taken into consideration. If passengers request additional services such as blankets and pillows, they will be available for 2 euros. The materials used will be removed by the staff after each use and sent to dry cleaning.

The capsules are designed to the needs of the passenger. Let’s make reservation on FORJET Aviation.

On the other hand, the interior of the mini cabs was designed to suit the needs of the passengers. Inside the cabins are USB ports and sockets. Passengers will thus be able to operate or charge their mobile phones and other electronic devices. At the bottom of the sleeping cabin is a special area where the passenger will put his or her hand luggage. This allows passengers to keep their hand luggage or personal belongings at the bottom of their sleeping cabins while they sleep.

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