Representation & Supervision


We offer Representation and Supervision services for business jets and all type of airlines at all Turkey Stations with very well-experienced staffs.

Forjet is experienced on assisting airlines in startup operations dealing with Turkish Civil Aviation and Department of Transport Authorities. We provide contractual agreements with the suppliers and facilitates pre / post-flight procedures.

  • Ground handling arrangements/agreements
  • Supervision of Check – in & Ramp services
  • Supervision of Cargo operations
  • Dealing with flight irregulaties
  • Crew liaison (Transportation, Accomodation, Documentation and Visas)
  • Customized flight reporting
  • Making payments and issuing guarantees on behalf of airlines & private jet owners to related departments such as terminal operators, airport authorities, customs, police, etc. against all services as per respective contracts.

Forjet Aviation offer the best pricing with minimum uplift fees and on-time performance.

Stations which we serve :

  • ADA Adana
  • ADF Adiyaman
  • AFY Afyon
  • AJI Agri
  • ANK Ankara
  • AYT Antalya
  • BXN Bodrum
  • BTZ Bursa
  • CKZ Canakkale
  • DLM Dalaman
  • DNZ Denizli
  • DIY Diyarbakir
  • EDO Edremit Korfez
  • ERZ Erzurum
  • ESK Eskisehir
  • GZT Gaziantep
  • GZP Gazipaşa
  • ISE Isparta
  • IST Istanbul (Atatürk)
  • SAW Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçen)
  • IZM Izmir
  • KCM Kahramanmaras
  • ASR Kayseri
  • KYA Konya
  • MLX Malatya
  • MZH Merzifon
  • NAV Nevsehir
  • OGU Ordu-Giresun Havalimanı
  • QRI Rize
  • SFQ Sanliurfa
  • SXZ Siirt
  • SIC Sinop
  • TEQ Tekirdag
  • TZX Trabzon
  • VAN Van
  • Hangar Accomodate
  • Aircraft Interior – Exterior cleaning
  • Arrangement of all types of ground handling equipment
  • De-icing
  • Lavatory services
  • Security services
  • Exclusive Hotel Rooms
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
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