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Riding on steamers running along the Bosphorus line is one of the most enjoyable ways to watch Istanbul tirelessly. Besiktas Galata Tower, Dolmabahçe and Topkapı palaces, Galata Tower and important palaces on the shores of the Bosphorus can be seen from the historical and touristic places in Istanbul until you get to Beşiktaş by taking the Kadıköy-Beşiktaş ferry. After landing in Besiktas, you can take a short tour of Beşiktaş Bazaar and then take the municipal buses to Ortaköy. After walking around Ortaköy mosque, you can have tea and coffee in one of the cafes on the beach, or you can take your kumpir from the kumpirciler lined up in rows and sit on the benches on the beach. Both options come to mind when you say Istanbul Bosphorus and Ortaköy mosque views are at your disposal, bird feed and feeding pigeons is also fantastic:)


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You can walk the Ortaköy-Kuruceşme-Arnavutköy-Bebek-Rumeli Fortress line, which has the most pleasant walking route along the Bosphorus, in about 1 hour, and enjoy the Bosphorus in the maximum way. During the walk, you can stop at Kuruçeşme Park and Baby Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Istanbul, which are again positioned as zero to the Bosphorus. Don’t forget to buy ice cream from Bebek’s famous mini ice cream shop, which serves in a tiny shop before the baby park break. Another alternative is to drink a cup of tea and coffee at the baby Coffee, which is guaranteed to be the famous sight in the Baby Center.

While we are so close to Emirgan, a visit to the Emirgan Grove awaits those who want to explore the natural places of Istanbul. Emirgan Grove is one of the green and woodlands preferred by Istanbulites who want to escape the chaos of Istanbul at the weekend and leave themselves in the arms of nature. In Emirgan Grove and Park, you can take great photos with colorful flowers, trees with special motifs and the view of the Bosphorus, you can have a picnic, and you can enjoy breakfast in one of the 3 pavilions, or you can enjoy eating and drinking in other meals.

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Dolmabahçe Palace is located between Besiktas and Kabataş, on the Bosphorus coast,in an area of 250 thousand square meters. The most important feature of the palace built during the Ottoman period is the use of Atatürk as a residence during his visits to Istanbul and the death of the Great Leader Atatürk in this palace on November 10, 1938. In this sense, Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the most important historical places to visit in Istanbul because it reveals the palace life in the last period of the Ottoman Empire and because it is the house where Atatürk spent his last days. You can also visit Dolmabahçe Palace while you are in this area.

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After a trip to Ortaköy and Dolmabahçe Palace, you can also go to Taksim from the tourist places to visit in Istanbul. If you are not at work, it takes at most half an hour to take the bus from Ortaköy to Taksim. When you arrive in Taksim, you can walk from Taksim Square to Galatasaray High School along the Ştiklal Street and see the cafes and boutiques positioned left and right. Don’t forget to buy Beyoğlu chocolate with hazelnut from Beyoğlu Chocolate Shop.You can visit the Fish Market opposite Galatasaray High School, and have a kokoreç or mussel pan between the feet at Coral, one of the most famous kokoreççılar in Istanbul, at the entrance to the Fish Market. It is also quite enjoyable to eat and drink at the nearby Nevizade Sokak or Çiçek Pasajı. If the bellies are full, you can continue along Istiklal Street to Tünel, even if the old Air is not moving, you can reach the Tünel by passing Asmalımescit.

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