Travel agencies around the world play an important role in promoting the history and culture of Istanbul through their tours. The istanbul airport fast track passes of the tour passengers brought to Istanbul Airport are indispensable for everyone. Prior to the trip, a reservation is made by Forjet Aviation with passenger information provided. Preparation is done by the Welcoming Department. Upon landing, airport concierge and flight attendants stand ready at the gate. The passports collected by the tour caravan are taken and checked for fast track passage. Istanbul Airport services advantage is provided on long flights where time is very important. Forjet Aviation customer tour company, transfer buses make transportation to Istanbul city. They are placed in their hotel where they are booked. Generally, the surroundings of Taksim and Sultanahmet are used for accommodation.

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Since it is close to historical sites, visits are made en masse. Tourist guides prepared by travel agencies constantly inform the caravan. In the museums visited, Forjet aviation contacts the interested parties for the Istanbul airport fast track passes, and the tour caravan is informed collectively in the Istanbul airport VIP, lounges.The magnificent architecture of Topkapı Palace astonishes everyone. The maiden’s Tower, which stands in the middle of the Strait, is also visited by the transfer boats, the oars pulled in the frame. While both shores of Istanbul Strait are being visited, tea is served. The tour caravan gets back on their boats with enthusiasm for the return, singing folk songs and hanging on to the oars. The elderly crowd, as joyful as children, are brought to the hotel by appropriate steps from the secluded roads of Istanbul when they get off the boat. In the afternoon, the assistant stewardesses say,’ it’s evening ” and put everyone to bed early.

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Breakfast is served immediately after morning prayers on the hotel terrace overlooking Sultanahmet Square. Istanbul’s tea and coffee are consumed en masse. The crowd gathered in the Square is put in line and the polling is taken. 58 people who sneaked into an Istanbul Airport shuttle bus parked on the newly opened Forjet Aviation street, singing ‘Czech Taksim’ anthems when the driver arrived. The transfer driver, very impressed by these words, goes straight to Taksim Square. On the huge concrete floor, Old Boys coming to the level of cooking under the sun hold hands and dive into Istiklal Street. They went fast track through the crosswalks, into a narrow alley. They collapse en masse into one of the lounge cafes attached to Istanbul’s historic buildings. Having heard that the teas are a transfer company catering, 2. he drinks ler.

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